Alternate Fuels

The world is changing. The energy sources that powered the 20th Century are no longer acceptable for the 21st Century.  Consumers, governments and businesses alike are demanding alternatives to traditional fuel sources.

Institutions and consumers are less accepting of oil and coal as primary sources of energy, they are looking for greener options to power their work and their lives.

Hydrogen and natural gas are two options for greener fuels. Both fuels can be used to reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions as compared to oil and coal. States and power companies around the US have been converting older power turbines from coal and oil to natural gas. Buses and delivery trucks are converting to natural gas and hydrogen. Companies around the United States are working to develop hydrogen infrastructure to support freight trucking coast to coast. For both fuels, greater densities and higher efficiencies of energy usage can be achieved by compressing and liquefying for storage and use. In order to create this liquefied state both materials need to be brought down to cryogenic temperatures around -250C to -260C.

Related Capabilities

To maximize your design and product’s potential, you need a partner with a breadth of capabilities that can support you from the time you start a design effort for your customer until your products go into production.

Proper storage and handling of these fuel sources are mission-critical endeavors, and this is where we can help. Spaulding Composites manufactures world-class components from a variety of glass epoxies. Our materials are used in such diverse and critical environments as reactors, cryogenic storage of fuels, cryogenic storage of medical research materials, and fuel systems for rockets headed to space.

We understand the importance of getting these right because we have been doing it for decades. Our glass epoxies are used all over the world (and even of this world) for mission-critical applications. Let us show you how we can help with your complex design.

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