Cryogenic Neck Tubes

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process has placed Spaulding Composites at the forefront of the cryogenic market. The cryogenic materials we manufacture are widely favored in liquid nitrogen and liquid helium applications.

Cryogenic storage is a fascinating process that is mission-critical for animal husbandry and scientific and medical research applications. When a lab has important biological samples for its work and needs to preserve them, it utilizes cryogenic Dewars. These Dewars are aluminum cans with a secondary container inside. This secondary container sits inside a vacuum chamber with a glass epoxy neck tube connecting this container to the outside world.

The internal container is kept at cryogenic temperatures to preserve the sample inside. The composite neck tube is critical to keeping the internal container suspended in the insulated vacuum and not conducting ambient heat from the outside world which will ruin the sample. The tube must also prevent air from seeping into the vacuum chamber.

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To maximize your design and product’s potential, you need a partner with a breadth of capabilities that can support you from the time you start a design effort for your customer until your products go into production.

A faulty cryogenic neck tube would be catastrophic to the samples inside. When your customer relies on you to keep their biological samples safe, you want to rely on Spaulding Composites products. We have experience in winding glass epoxies to ensure your storage tanks are safe and reliable. We provide in-house helium leak testing to prove to you that our neck tubes are fully functioning to your specifications before they even leave our facility.

Contact Spaulding Composites. See how we can help you manufacture the most reliable storage tanks in the world.

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