Bearing & Thrust Washers

Some of Spaulding Composites longest running products have been bearings and thrust washers for transmissions and drivetrains of heavy equipment. Bearings and thrust washers are critical components that allow machines to transfer the massive amount of power from their engines to the earth on which they work. They are under tremendous loads and operate in very dirty environments. The best products are incredibly durable and have an innate ability to withstand contamination and maintain lubrication. Spaulding Composites has been reliably providing those qualities for the largest companies in the world for decades.


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To maximize your design and product’s potential, you need a partner with a breadth of capabilities that can support you from the time you start a design effort for your customer until your products go into production.

We offer a range of materials, from lower-cost cotton fabrics to higher-performance aramid substrates. We also have the ability to custom weave blends of cotton and aramid to meet your cost needs along the performance curve. Our engineers have the ability to custom-design the resin matrix to further improve performance. We can also provide design for manufacturability, prototypes, and accelerated life cycle testing to help you lock in your designs for years of successful production.

Once you have parts in the field, we can be a critical partner in providing failure mode analysis to help you better serve your customers. If something happens to your equipment, we can help determine the cause and the fix.

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Spaulding Composites, Inc is a manufacturer and fabricator of engineered thermoset advanced composite materials and components, designed to meet and exceed the specific requirements of our global industrial customers.

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