Success in manufacturing is a multi-step approach, and every supplier understands how critical the part design phase is.

Many will apply progressive production principles to try to assure quality and on-time delivery.

Not all suppliers focus enough on tooling.  How long will the tooling last?  How efficient is the overall process based on the tooling being used?  When will we know if the tool starts to fail?  Can we make some investments in the tooling to improve productivity and quality for the part?  Can tooling be improved to build process fail-safes or increase efficiency for the entire value stream?

At Spaulding Composites, we can help you think through the above and answer those questions.  We work with both domestic and international mold makers to meet your needs.  We can advise on which grades of steel to use, how many actions and ports are needed, and which features should be added or subtracted to maximize follow-on processing or machining.  We have an advanced tooling area for most tooling cleanings, repairs, and preventative maintenance measures.

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Spaulding Composites, Inc is a manufacturer and fabricator of engineered thermoset advanced composite materials and components, designed to meet and exceed the specific requirements of our global industrial customers.

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Spaulding Composites has a long history of molding complex geometries to exacting standards for millions of parts.  Our engineers have a demonstrated history of success with a broad range of materials, from ABS to Nylon to Ultem.  Part of this success comes from our excellence in tooling.  Our engineering team and our mold partners will design the right tooling to not just make your part but to make the entire manufacturing process as efficient as it can be to the quality standards you require.

Come talk to us and see why our most mission-critical and demanding customers trust us to design, manufacture and maintain their tooling for their most important product lines.

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