About Spaulding Composites

Manufacturers of Engineered Thermoset Composites & Components. Spaulding Composites, Inc. is a global supplier of specialty composite materials and value-added fabricated products. Our Fortune 200 Customer base has come to appreciate our innovation, materials engineering resources and global supply chain services. Founded in 1873, Spaulding Composites has been a leader in Thermoset composites and laminates for over 140 years.The Spauldite® and Filawound brands continue to be specified by engineers and product developers looking for the absolute best price and performance combination.

Today with financial backing from Metapoint Partners, Spaulding is well funded and investing in new talent, materials and engineering resources. With operations in the United States and China, Spaulding is well positioned to support large OEM’s as they increase market share and Global presence.

We are also proud to announce the acquisition of Burbak Plastics of Wilton, NH at the end of Q3 2017. This merger strengthens Spaulding Composites commitment to become the leader in both advanced composite materials and specialized, high performance injection molding.