Oil Field Completions

Depending on the location and type of corrosion inhibitors used, tools can be exposed to acidic or caustic environments and varying pressures depending on the content and depth of the well.

Performance is especially critical for oilfield operations as the industry operates on very tight timelines and productivity expectations. The faster and more reliably an operator can make a well produce, the more profitable and successful the well will be.

To operate in some of the worst environments in the world, operators need the best tools in the industry. At Spaulding Composites, we have been manufacturing a wide range of composites and plastics for the oil and gas industry for many years. Our library of durable, customizable materials can be designed and manufactured to fit your applications.

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To maximize your design and product’s potential, you need a partner with a breadth of capabilities that can support you from the time you start a design effort for your customer until your products go into production.

Equally important, we understand the requirements of being able to adjust to the ever-changing demands of the oil and gas industry. We know production can vary over short periods of time and we have the manufacturing knowledge and experience to be flexible and adaptable to those variations. Our knowledge of Lean and our production planning processes will allow us to design and develop manufacturing processes that fit your production demands.

Whether your application needs specialty canvases for artificial lift systems or filament wound glass epoxies for frac plugs, Spaulding Composites has the knowledge, experience and composite material manufacturing capabilities to support your production needs.

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Spaulding Composites, Inc is a manufacturer and fabricator of engineered thermoset advanced composite materials and components, designed to meet and exceed the specific requirements of our global industrial customers.

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