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World-class businesses require world-class suppliers. World-class suppliers are flexible partners with the ability to support their customers through a variety of needs.

We Provide Knowledge, Guidance, and Support to Our Partners

At the end of the day, world-class suppliers deliver. And to deliver, suppliers require capability.

At Spaulding Composites, we are not only experts in materials and mechanical properties. We are also experts at bringing those materials and characteristics to life in shapes and forms that meet your designs. We have been honing our craft over the past several decades to become experts in delivering the materials you need in the high-precision shapes and forms that make your products work.

Whether providing tens of thousands of 1.5” long pneumatic vanes at +/-0.002” tolerances or hundreds of complex geometry, high heat specialty plastics for night vision goggles, Spaulding Composites has the precision machines and knowledge necessary to bring your designs to life in the quantities and quality you need.

Our equipment provides the flexibility we need to support you:


  • 16 – 3 and 4 axis VMC’s
  • 5 specialty mills for vanes and flat shapes


  • 4 3.5”+ bore diameter lathes with 4th axis and live tooling
  • 10 precision, small bore lathes for tight tolerance plastic work
  • 9” bore diameter lathe with tailstock and 120” Z axis for the big stuff


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Spaulding Composites, Inc is a manufacturer and fabricator of engineered thermoset advanced composite materials and components, designed to meet and exceed the specific requirements of our global industrial customers.

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Let Spaulding Composites Show You Our Capabilities

Many suppliers have capital equipment and CNC machines. Few have the special knowledge, experience, and expertise to use them properly to bring high-performance materials into the required tight tolerances. It is not as simple as loading material into the machine and pressing a button.

Reach out to Spaulding Composites. Let us demonstrate how our experience and expertise can help you realize your designs in production volumes.

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