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The first fuel cell was developed in 1842, dubbed the “gas voltaic battery.” In 1938, Igor Sikorsky first proposed that liquid hydrogen be utilized as a fuel. In 1961, the first liquid hydrogen fueled rocket took flight. Hyundai introduced the first hydrogen automobile in 2013 and many companies are currently developing vehicles to run on hydrogen and the networks to produce and deliver it. Hydrogen has long been considered a viable fuel source and its versatility and abundance are driving further acceptance.

But, hydrogen is not without its logistical challenges. For hydrogen to be stored and used effectively, it needs to be cryogenically cooled to a liquid state. This state is easier to store in tanks, easier to transport in piping, and safer to handle.

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To maximize your design and product’s potential, you need a partner with a breadth of capabilities that can support you from the time you start a design effort for your customer until your products go into production.

That requires vacuum walled tanks and jacketed piping. Those designs require high-quality, durable glass epoxies. At Spaulding Composites, we’ve been manufacturing various grades of high-quality glass epoxies for decades. Our components are used around the world for cryogenic storage and transport of a variety of industrial gasses by some of the largest names in the business. We can custom design components for all of your tank supports, vacuum jacketed piping, and fuel nozzle needs. We can help model your designs for maximum safety factors while minimizing costs and providing reliable manufacturing.

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