Production Supervisor (1st shift)

The Production Supervisor reports to the Production Manager and is responsible for accurate job reporting, scheduling jobs in an efficient manner, supervision and direction of employees, and meeting the quality, safety and on time delivery goals set by the company.


  1. Must be able to schedule and manage work flow in a way that will achieve maximum efficiency, reduce WIP and minimize over time.
  2. Responsible for meeting the on time delivery, quality and scrap goals as set by the company.
  3. Responsible for the management and accuracy of job orders. This includes the accurate reporting of labor and materials as well as maintaining accurate job dates and status.
  4. Responsible for the supervision, training and support of employees.
  5. Continually seek ways to keep employees safe and help achieve the goal of zero reportable accidents in the facility.
  6. Maintain a work environment that meets ISO requirements and meets a high standard of cleanliness and organization.
  7. Responsible for developing and implementing measures to continuously improve production methods, equipment performance and the quality of our product.

Experience and Requirements:

  • Must have good computer skills including Microsoft Office (Excel and Word) and ERP experience.
  • Must be able to effectively direct and motivate team members in a diverse manufacturing environment.
  • Must be able to work independently, have good time management skills and demonstrate initiative.
  • Must be results oriented and demonstrate a high level of organization and follow through.
  • Must exhibit a willingness to try new things while staying focused on goals and continuous improvements.
  • Must be able to work effectively with all departments throughout the organization.
  • Must have good math skills and the ability analyze data.
  • Must have good written and oral skills.
  • Ability to read, evaluate and respond to product specifications, blueprints and drawings preferred.
  • Familiarity of industrial machinery and tools for dimensional evaluation preferred.
  • Must be able to walk and stand throughout an eight hour shift.

Must be able to consistently lift 25 lbs. from the floor or table position to chest high using proper lifting technique.

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